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dj kiefboxxx

DJ KieFBoXxX is the Owner / CEO of CheefBox Records and a long time DJ out of Seattle, WA with a strong passion for dirty droppin, shake ya booty, stanky face, mind blowing, emotionally healing, light your spirit on fire house music. He is making a return after a long break from DJing and dropping two sets in the very near future. The first mix of his return is separated into the Light and Dark Side.

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 full bio 

DJ KieFBoXxX also known as Keith Roberts, is a professional DJ who made his mark on the Seattle music scene at a remarkably young age. Growing up in the Seattle area, KieFBoXxX developed a deep passion for music and discovered his talent for DJing early on.

At a mere 15 years old, KieFBoXxX found himself presented with an extraordinary opportunity to pursue his DJing career professionally. His exceptional skills and undeniable talent caught the attention of industry professionals, leading to him signing contracts with two record labels. One label focused on underground hip-hop and rap, while the other specialized in house music. KieFBoXxX's ability to excel in both genres showcased his versatility, but his true love and devotion were always directed towards house music.

Even in his youth, KeiFBoXxX possessed an innate ability to create music of various styles. However, after a few attempts at making a comeback in the music scene, he decided to take a break and focus on other aspects of his life. He got married and embarked on a career in healthcare, working diligently for eight years. This period allowed him to regain stability and find balance in his life.

However, the pull of his true passion for music was undeniable. KeiFBoXxX made the decision to return to the house music scene in a big way. He made a splash with his comeback, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances and innovative productions.

Entering a new phase of his DJ career and music production, KeFBoXxX co-founded CheefBox Records with his dear friend from Slovenia, Maja (Chee). CheefBox Records became the embodiment of love, respect, and humility. It is a record label where everyone is considered equal, embracing the philosophy that no one is better or worse than another.

Excitement filled the air as KieFBoXxX and Chee signed Tempol, an exceptionally talented artist, to CheefBox Records. Tempol's authentic and genuine sound resonated with the label's vision. With his remarkable talent in R&B and hip-hop, Temple brought a fresh perspective and artistic expression to the label.

CheefBox Records continued to expand its roster by welcoming B Dot Dub, a close friend of Keith's and the other half of the duo known as Dilemma, which released a rap album in 2014. B DotnDub showcased a beautiful voice, often described as angelic, gifted to him by a higher power. Keith recognized the immense talent in B Dot Dub and eagerly signed him to CheefBox Records. B Dot Dub's focus within the label encompasses rap and R&B, adding another layer of creativity and diversity to the roster.

As DJ KieFBoXxX's CheefBox Records continue their journey, they remain committed to fostering an environment of love, respect, and humility. They strive to provide a platform for artists to express themselves authentically, showcasing their unique talents and perspectives. With Tempol and B Dot Dub on board, Chief Box Records looks to the future with excitement and anticipation, ready to make a lasting impact on the world of music and beyond.

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